The books are in! And some have shipped. You will get an email when your order ships, so some of you have already received them. Unfortunately, there will be a very slight delay of at least a week from now. I made a miscalculation in the shipping for sending single issues… d’oh. I didn’t realize that miscalculation until I was at the post office watching them ring up shipping. 🙁 Well… now I know for future reference that it costs $2 to ship one book, not $1 – but the international shipping seems to have been right on. 😀 I really need to go ahead and invest in a postage scale so that I can determine these things from home… that mistake cost me half my profit per book.

ALL of the charms have shipped and you will have received an email noting so. I do have four extra Stealth Pumpkin charms, but am waiting to make sure that everyone has received theirs in case I missed someone. Future orders will be done on a slightly different system. (Going to work on some Christmas themed ones which I hope to have up faster.)

Text is going to be updated! And the only reason there isn’t an update today is that I didn’t want to split up Wednesday’s update. The next page is ready – but if people keep being jerks while commenting, I am likely to stop updating for awhile or start banning certain people from commenting who can’t seem to post constructive comments. If you can’t say something constructive, then don’t post. I haven’t been commenting much recently solely because of the jerky comments. You can’t have it both ways. I can’t update if I have to spend three times as long making sure everything is perfect.

– Tiff