Well, more of a donation incentive type thing.  I have two kinds of cards, white and ivory.  The artwork fills a space 4 x 5.5 in size and they will come in an envelope, then you can do whatever you like with them.  Send them to someone that will appreciate them or keep them and appreciate them yourself!  Pricing is as follows and I will only be taking five at a time.  When I finish five, I’ll take five more to make sure that I am able to finish them all BEFORE Christmas.  If you’re wanting them to send to someone else, jump on it FAST!

Money earned is going to paying off my new tablet PC.  I managed to get an HP TM2T with a 3 year accidental replacement plan for $1,000.  Luckily, I have six months to pay it off, so will likely be doing these for awhile.  The old TX2 is pretty much crashing constantly if I dare open Photoshop.  New computer is supposed to be here on Wednesday.  I’m excited… because my old one was never quite the same after they ‘fixed’ it last summer. 🙁

All pricing includes shipping in the US – Add $1 for outside the US.

Black and White – $15 – Maximum of two characters, add $5 per additional character.

Color – Double whatever the Black and White price comes out to – will be done in mix of copic/watercolor.  (I will digitally color for less, but that depends on what the piece looks like and some I may reink digitally as well.  Actually, I might digitally reink any that I REALLY like to turn into products unless they do not contain my characters/I do not have permission to do so from the commissioner who owns said characters.)

You’ll also notice the smaller image.  That’s a 2″ x 6″ bookmark.  They run $10 each in black and white, max of two characters, add $5 per additional character.  These are also laminated.

Color is the same breakdown as for the card.

You can get both for $20 base, same rules as mentioned above.

Digital only pieces (No hard copies, no mailing) will be $25 for simple shaded pieces in a 4 x 6 300 DPI version sent to you and OR posted on the website as a public card to whomever you like who you know reads one of the comics.  Up to two characters involved or something simple drawn with it.  Simple backgrounds.  I will also include a bookmark sized copy.  (These you could take to a photo place and get made.

Please don’t ask me to draw anything disturbing. 😀  I don’t do disturbing, especially not for Christmas. 😀

Oh, two more quick things: These cards are available to be purchased, first come, first serve and the bookmark will be laminated.