Today, I am open for $15 black and white lineart featuring one character, no background. Includes shipping in the US. (This would be $25 at A-kon). It will be drawn on A4 manga manuscript paper. Each day I will be posting a different offer. I’m working on inks today, starting with those that were previously commissioned.

I’m forgoing comic work this week to pay bills. This is for today. I’ll likely do something different tomorrow. But first.. working on previously accepted commissions. Just note me if you’re interested.

** Note that with this type of cheap commission, you will not see the pencils, you’ll tell me what you want, I’ll draw it, so don’t forget details. 😀 Then I’ll post it here for you and everyone else to see and mail it off to wherever you want it, unless you don’t want to post it or I don’t want to post it. 😉

Single characters only, I’ll do artistic nudes, but nothing beyond that.