I didn’t want to put Alien Dice on hiatus in the middle of a story and as a matter of fact, have two pages penciled and was about to ink them when my husband brought one of my medications home.  It cost more than it normally did and the day before, Kim’s medication pick up was also more.  I have a doctor’s appointment today, she has one next week, one which will likely end up with setting a date for her next heart surgery judging by her increased sleepiness.  Maybe it’ll end up being a medication change.  In any case, I can’t afford to hope that we’ll be able to pay for everything so I am switching to commissions and book creation.  I can work on comics or I can work on commissions, I can’t do both.

I will be working on the wallpaper for this month next week and all donors will get a copy of it.  Depending on how things go, I may also be making prints from it and other items per request.  (Donors will get their choices of what they want.)  If the goal is reached, the wallpaper will be publicly released AND the comic will begin updating again soon afterward.  Overall, this is only until I’m not spending every day worried about if this or that bill is going to be late and get a fee tacked onto it and deciding between medications, food and bills.  At the latest, AD will resume in late August.  Check back.

– Tiff