Oh good grief.. that break was way longer than I had wanted. 🙁  But I’m back and there’s four updates this week.  I’m also back on the scripting with enthusiasm, which is good.  I’ve deviated from my original scripts in a big way, but what’s coming up has been over a decade in the works and waiting department.

Uhh.. yeah.. I have very little clue what’s going to happen until I write it down at this point other than the obvious events that are upcoming and the end. 😉  Everything in between here and there is quite up in the air.

I’m going to go back to inking by hand because it’s a bit faster.  I changed because I couldn’t afford my paper and was down to my last pack.  Luckily I found another pack and will try to get some more by the fall.

Now, I’m going to deal with my sick daughter, prepare to go grocery shopping and then pencil Alien Dice pages.


– Tiff