With all the sad-sad in the current arc, I pondered a nice little book collection of Lexx being happy and while I will be doing pieces for it regardless, I’m going to open it up to readers to help out with suggestions and an opportunity to own a piece of art.

You can suggest images for free.  They can involve more than Lexx – they can include dice and other characters simply doing things that are fun or make them happy.

You can donate to get original pieces sent to you following this chart.:

$10 – Pencil Sketch (4 x 6)

$15 – Pencil Sketch and Digital Inks (4 x 6 sketch, final inks will be 9 x 12)

$20 – Ink (A4, near letter size.  It’s done on manga manuscript paper.)

$25 – Inked with single color shading (A4, same as prior, but with one copic color of shade.)

— (Add $2 for outside the US.)

Please note that this is a long term project and I can’t pop things out really-really fast.  I tend to be able to put out 3-5 random pieces a week on top of comic work.  I’ll try to do an example of each soon.  I do want to keep them simple, so no trying to get me to draw every character in one piece.

If you’re able, please support this project as the comic itself could use the support of participation and the ability to sustain itself.

– Tiff

Work List – Images I WILL be doing

  1. Flight!

Suggestion List