2012 Alien Dice Calendar

I’m working on a calendar, maybe it’ll be for 2012… maybe 2013. 😀  In any case, it will be full color and feature the dice, primarily.  Right now, I have 7 pictures ready and need to make 5 more.  Most of them are from recent artwork over the last year.   So who do we need for those remaining months?  As of right now:

January – Zeta

February – Serenity and Sirius

March – Open

April – Open

May – Fly

June – Group Picture at the Falls

July – Swiftpaw and Drift

August – Dash

September – Open

October – Stealth

November – Open

December – Open

12 thoughts on “2012 Alien Dice Calendar

  1. Dig for September. Having the Armadillo look like he is about to harvest a field or dig a nice burrow to get away from the others.

    1. W00+ Dig! If Dig is in the calendar I’ll definitely buy one! 😀 I would also like to see the bat (Spark?) and Swim. ^_^

  2. April would be a good month for the ‘Lexx and Chel as ponies’

  3. April would also be perfect for Mischief

  4. *snicker*

    Or if we want to go with a less common character… for November how about the unnamed winged snake swallowing a whole roast turkey? (With or without the bird-type Dice watching) ^_^

  5. No ponies >.<. I think mischief and dig definitely have to be on there. Maybe have the elk for December so he can be surrounded by snow. Skate cold be march too

  6. What about Epsy? And her babies? And fluffy?

  7. I voted “other” before looking at your list and seeing February. A solo of Serenity would be nice, too (and yes, she is my favorite).

  8. Oops! I used the wrong email address. Is that what happened?

    1. I have to approve everyone via their email address. 🙂 Yes.

  9. Let’s have at least one home-grown participant.

    I vote for Chalupa the Chupacabra.

  10. What about a caroling shot of the various humanoids of Alien Dice for December?

    By the way, I’ve been asked about things I might like for Christmas, and the main store links seem to be down. Nuuuuu!

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