I’ve been out of the state for a week, which is one of the reasons I worked so hard to get all the updates done over the holidays. Updates for next week are likely either to not happen or be late. :/ Unavoidable due to just getting home late last night. I have pages penciled and lettered, but inking and coloring would be a huge rush. My stylus went missing for several days while I was on vacation. I had intended to ink in the evenings before bed. 🙁 So no inking was done. Comics will return either midway through the week or the following week.

New Year’s goals – to be begun NOW, because I’m serious. 😉

1. Changes to comics, more time spent on commissions so we can get ahead and get all of our bills CURRENT. We have two that are ‘half a month behind’. So we’re ALMOST there. The other big thing that goes with this is that I’m giving the comics until June 30th. I can’t continue working on $2 an hour. If they’re isn’t a change in what I earn from ads and products, then I will have to stop working on comics and start working on other people’s comics and commissions instead. Heck, if every reader mailed in a dollar or two, I’d be fine.
2. Pay off the emergency credit cards that were in almost constant use this year to supplement gas and groceries. :/
3. More commission work.
4. Make use of the new treadmill downstairs.
5. I’m beginning the paleo diet, which is basically fresh foods and avoiding grain. I need to pay more attention to my health and less to work.
6. Work smarter, not harder, so I have more time with my family.
7. Locate new revenue streams. I have several lined up, but they’re dragging their feet getting started. 🙁
8. Despite the note about you can be an artist or you can have a clean house, but not both – I’m going to start ordering people around here around to pick up after themselves, because I can’t pick up after them!
9. Do really well at https://www.furryfiesta.org/ – Furry Fiesta – this is my ONLY convention this year. 🙁 Please note that: ONLY CONVENTION. It may also be my only convention next year if things don’t pick up.
10. I don’t have a number 10. My hands are full of 1-9. Oh.. try to update my various outlets more often even when they try to tell me they’re down! Oh.. and … just remembered…then forgot.. maybe I’ll remember again later. 😀

– Tiff