Well, after some thought and knowing my husband’s paycheck is -$264 due to illness and taking Kim to doctor’s visits, I need to round up the difference plus some between now and the 15th of May.

Alien Dice will be going to black and white at the end of this chapter so it can continue updating. I’m going to get back to the books, but I’m going to abandon trying to mix the text with the images because it is too time consuming and the outcome has not been worth the time I put into it. (When you have hundreds of people asking about it and then only 20 people buy one and an audience of thousands, that’s a problem.) I have to set up each page individually in photoshop and save it individually due to Ka-blam not taking pdfs. Just thinking about getting back to trying to lay out those pages in photoshop puts my brain in a dead freeze. So to move forward, it will only be text and a separate novelized edition with new black and white art – and likely some edits. Color is extremely expensive to print and when half the pages are text, this causes me headaches.

I’ll add this note as an afterthought, although it’s not a requirement since I will continue to update in some form. If the goals are met, I am able to continue doing the comics in color. Otherwise, I need to take that extra 4-5 hours per page and put it into commissions. Extra updates will continue regardless of outcome.

– Tiff