I will be posting a Kickstarter soon featuring a set of 5 – 1 inch acrylic charms of various Alien Dice characters at $6 each and varying price points above it. (My husband agreed to help me pack and ship, which was the main reason I haven’t done one yet, that and they take a bit off the top, but I can eat that.) Shipping worldwide will be included in the different levels.

So who do you want on the charms? They’ll likely have a hole in them and be useable for a number of different things.

One of them, will be a redesign of the Stealth – It’s not FAIR charm.

Charms for Dash, Swiftpaw and Stealth already do exist, even though they’re not all up. I’ll get them all up before I start the kickstarter. I may also use this to reprint a very popular Halloween Stealth charm.

I DO have two designs for Serenity and Sirius that I’ll show off in a bit that are heart shaped, but because they are more detailed, I may want to do them at a larger size and separately from this.