Ok, because my daughter is out of school and has already played havok with my work schedule on the first day… 🙁 Change to the extra incentive. All extras owed will be done, but I’m switching to a wallpaper/print incentive. I rounded up the current donation for this month to fill in one more extra update.

How does it work? The first three people to donate get to nominate a character with an amount. Everyone who then donates onto that character can make suggestions on what they’d like to see – within reason. 😀 Once it reaches $50, the piece will be done as a wallpaper for everyone to enjoy. At $100, it will be available for download as a printable image. The more that’s donated, the more I’ll likely do to the piece. It’ll be very basic to start with and I’ll also work on showing off the pencils beforehand.

– Tiff