In the fall, if I work fast and get some help, I’m likely to run a Kickstarter to print a full color, 100-150 page volume of Alien Dice at 8 x 10.5. I’m going to set up the first TWO volumes. Print on Demand, 100 pages costs $12 to print and 150 costs $17, which leaves me very little room for profit. Going outside POD and working with another company I can likely offer them at market average cost AND make a reasonable profit. That also means… I will likely have to store a thousand+ books. I’ll give it a go, but I do need people to help.

How can you help? I need people to look over five page pdfs. Five pages at a time to correct spelling and make sure everything’s in proper order. These will be completely new layouts of the pages and not the same as the original pages that were laid out in photoshop.

And, before I forget. I’m in the process of getting the remaining stock of Zeta stuffed toys so I can sell them and that.. will likely end up being the next Kickstarter.

– Tiff