Ok, Kickstarters aren’t really much different from the usual incentives for this or that other than being easier to manage and that’s worth the 5% charge. All profits from the Kickstarters will go to funding comic updates on top of donations and other stuff.

So, now I’m considering one of three Kickstarters for the next one.

1. Swiftpaw plush toy – Why Swiftpaw and not Stealth? Because Swiftpaw is easily one of the most popular characters and will have appeal to more than just the general readership. It’s also an easier one to prepare once I decide on what the extras will be, which will likely all be Swiftpaw centric. Stealth, Epsy, Sirius and Serenity would likely be next on the list.

2. Alien Dice volume 1 and 2 – Well, it will be for volume 1 and then 2 as an added tier, because I am uncomfortable with running such a huge kickstarter. This one is also going to take more time and I don’t want to run it until BOTH books are ready for printing. They will be printed through Createspace most likely if the Kickstarter doesn’t succeed, so you’ll still get them.

3. Zeta plush toy – this one will be contingent on what happens with the existing Zeta plushes.

I will not be beginning this one immediately. Like I said in a prior post, we have a little more breathing room. The spring/summer was really bad due to hubby again… missing a lot of work days due to illness. Getting onto him for that. :/ Needs to be healthier, because that HURTS us massively.

The Swiftpaw one is the most likely after I get a quote. I will likely add a few posters, postcards and possibly a small comic with it. It will also be a full month or longer. If you’d like to note any input on the Swiftpaw Kickstarter, like.. what you’d like to see in it, let me know.

– Tiff