Before I even get quotes, I know these things about the Swiftpaw plush. I want to make it soft and squishy… because that’s how Swiftpaw should be. I’m pretty sure they will run $15 to $20 on the buyer end. I will likely be including shipping in the Kickstarter campaign and there will be at least two posters offered with it. I’m hoping to make it only $20 for the toy itself, including shipping in the US/Canada/Mexico. I’ll have to check into how much it’ll be international. They’re light.

There’s a reason I’m doing this before I attempt books, even though this one will be a BIG one. Designing the toy will take far fewer hours than laying out the books, proofing them, proofing them again.. worrying about colors.. proofing them… 😀 I would likely be sent into complete burnout if I did all that work and wasn’t able to proceed. That happened with the first book that went through so many changes and delays that I began to HATE working on the comic itself and most will note… stopped pushing for much of anything at that point and has been the reason I try to get books out, but just don’t have the drive to do it. 🙁 I’m afraid that I’ll burn myself out. The plush toy has a lot more room to be successful than the books have shown me they have in the past.

The toy will be next in a couple of weeks. The plan is to have some cute Swiftpaw buttons, posters, prints, postcards and perhaps a small black and white print 16 page booklet featuring Swiftpaw along with the plush toy. For some reason… the fox lends himself well to just being adorable in seasonal settings. (Yes, when I do Stealth and get ahold of my Zeta toys, they will get the same treatment. A run of things solely related to them.)

I saw mention that someone wanted a plush Lexx. I’m considering it. If I did, I would want him on standard with plush dolls that you can buy clothes for.. 😉 Actually, I’m open to people who want to custom make these and clothes for them if they are sure to kickback some to me. I really don’t mind helping others make money. (As long as I get one for free.) I HAVE both a nice Lexx doll AND a Riley doll. 😀

After Swiftpaw, I will do a much lower kickstarter. And as usual, all profits will go to the tally and hopefully bump it far into the future. I want to make things that most people can afford… which is likely where I get into trouble because I underprice a LOT of items. If there are items you’d like, please let me know. Tshirts are also on the list as being a relatively low cost item to produce/sell. (I need a house to store all these things… 😀 I found out I can buy a house for $100. 😉 Not jumping on those unless I see the RIGHT one. I’m just glad the option is there and house inspections cost a WHOLE lot less than I thought. All I want.. is to be paying the same or less for the mortgage than we pay on rent and we’ll be FINE.)

– Tiff