The art file has been completed and it’s adorable. I’m hoping to have him be a little floppy in the middle. 😀 The size of the toy will be either 8″ or 10″. I have two order sizes requested as well, 500 and 1200. It’s likely I’ll go with the 500 pc order for the kickstarter since it will be less overall, even if the toy will cost more per piece and I won’t make as much.

I’ll note, this Kickstarter will be #1, GET A TOY MADE and #2, make a profit, so to keep the price down, I will likely NOT add a whole bunch of additional items. Why? Because it costs money to make those additional items and it adds to the base goal amount of the kickstarter. I will post a complete breakdown of the costs when I post the kickstarter.

I’ve been watching kickstarters and the ones that tend to get in trouble are the ones that offer a ton of extras and get way overfunded. While I’d love to be overfunded, I’ll be happy to make a toy and have a few hundred extra to pay bills and pad the monthly tally so I can keep working on the comic.

Now, that doesn’t mean there won’t be extras. I will likely be including the metal pins and charms I have already made and possibly a few other things later on in the month.

– Tiff