I’m posting about this now, even though it’s a month away. I will be taking that week off from comic work to do frequent streaming of commission work. (My current commission list should be mostly done in the paid commission area, save for some that I can’t seem to contact.) I will be TAKING SMALL numerous commissions during that time for donations to my ‘Fix a car’ fund as well as three or four larger commissions. They will be digital and traditional and I will post a ‘what you get for whatever range’ thing. Basically, we need to replace the timing belt in our car (we only have one car) which is $650 plus tax, replace the front tires, $250 roundabouts … and…. get work done on the brakes asap, $250 + or negative, have no clue. The car shimmies when you break. 🙁 My daughter’s medical bills are making it impossible to save any money at the moment, so once that’s done, working on into that area. We can’t afford the $50 a month every single one of them wants to charge and there are 3 of them. That has been dragging us down greatly, more so when I was paying over $100 each on four different accounts a month. 🙁 (Until we just couldn’t do it and I stopped and sent them checks for $10 with apologies.) We were fortunate that Kim did not need heart surgery this year, but it took an $1,100 MRI to see that clearly. We had put that off for a year, before they finally talked us into it., because on one hand, I am so against adding more problems and on the other, it prevented an even greater financial burden.

So during that week, I’ll choose what I’m doing for the day, post it and run the tally.