For those of you complimenting the new updates, here’s what happened:

The week before vacation, Adobe announced they would STOP allowing upgrades from Photoshop CS3 to the current CS6 after the end of the year. I had been PLANNING on upgrading my entire creative suite, which was $500, but was going to do that next year. I thought I had plenty of time since there’s a couple of years between updates. CS3 is fine and all, but it’s outdated, doesn’t make use of my tablet PC/Desktop’s 64 bit cards and OS OR the RAM. It’s also not as stable. So I decided I needed to upgrade ASAP and just upgrade from CS3 to CS6. That was $200. (If I ran out of the upgrade cycle, I’d have to pay full price and I really don’t want to.) Auctions made that money and I was able to upgrade and new software/hardware always makes me REALLY happy and trudge less. So while there are people who like to roll their eyes and tell you to keep using what you’re using, because it isn’t worth it, hogwash.

CS6 is a joy to use. This year.. .hoping to upgrade a bunch of things.

– Tiff