In about a week or so, I should launch another Kickstarter for Alien Dice. This one will focus on Fluffy, Damian’s fluffy and Fluffy, Lexx’s Hyena. So basically you’re getting a hyena and a fox with horns. 😀 I am TEMPTED to put the words: Lions Suck around the hyena’s head, since that summed up her four comic appearance. Now, if the goal is met, Syphon, the Vampire duck will be added as well as a stretch goal. I am going through a different company as the one I was using will have shut down just prior to this one ending. 🙁 This new company offers charms in clear acrylic and painted on wood as well! Those cost a bit more, but I’m tempted to do these on wood, because the grain gives them a nice ‘natural’ look and they are nifty! (Oh and they also have the ability to print on the BACK.)

On top of this, there will also be the additions of small and large buttons featuring the trio, plus a set of Alien Dice characters. (There WILL be a Lions Suck button, for sure.) Buttons will be a bit more ‘variable’ in what they can be. I’m getting brand new Tecre machines. Professional button presses. 😀 buttons that will not have sharp edges and will be pressed perfectly! Oh, this also means I’ll be taking button commissions like I used to. I always did well with them, I was just NOT happy with how my original button maker output buttons, which is why I stopped.

I’ll have the ability to make pendants, zipper pulls, pulls of any kind, keychains, anything that hangs out of the small buttons and the 2.25 (standard larger buttons), pinbacks, keychains and MIRRORS once again.

On top of the charms and buttons, there will be a tier for the Swiftpaw origin story I’ve been working on as a Kickstarter exclusive.

– Tiff