I wanted to run this past this group.  I’m preparing the next Kickstarter, which is for a set of acrylic charms, but I’m making it into something bigger and running it on Indiegogo as a Support AD Production for six months fund run.  Results of the indiegogo will take care of my monthly needs for server payments and ‘work payments so we can eat food and pay for electricity and gas.’

 Here’s the big thing:  20 hours a week devoted to ONLY ALIEN DICE WORK.  That is, completing the full page archive site, redoing the layouts a bit, getting the radio drama pieces back up, work on the primary comic and on the black and white comic AND building a buffer of one and a half months  (If I succede, which removing random worrying time I have now that interrupts work, then there will be weeks with more updates.. Oh .. And the updates will be bigger, half and full pages instead of thirds).   I’ll start that at $5 an hour for six months = $2,400.  I will cap the time at six months from the END of the Indiegogo fund raising campaign.    (I also get one week of paid vacation and one week of sick/crises days in there.)  Right now, I’m unable to devote that kind of time to only AD.

Prior info posted to FB yesterday:

 Items to be produced.:

Charms of course.

2.5″ mirror commissions – Hand drawn and pressed on my nice machines.

CUSTOM imprinted dice, most likely a Zeta dice (I want a swirly orange/gold) with Zeta’s head engraved on the 6 side and/or a Stealth Dice (red/gold or red/black or gold/black swirly) with  Stealth’s head on the 6 side (with an allowance to also make the one side have the text NOT FAIR engraved on it).  It costs .60 a side for engraving if I order 100 and they’ll come in pairs of the same.  Not certain of what pricing level.  I want everyone who wants one to be able to get one, but I often shoot myself in the foot using that process to determine pricing, so it may end up being a choose your own price tier and the only one.

 Additional tier levels:  Sponsor character art, get hand inked art.  I’d like to make this sponsor a dice actually, where you pick a dice and what level you want and then I draw it, limited to one of each for the first run as an encouragement for me to actually sit down and DO them!

Dice Book:  Compilation of Dice art from that prior tier level, details and whatnots into a floppy book available in PDF and print forms.

I’m thinking about some sort of card that will be available to all tier levels, metal/wood/acrylic/engraved/full color? Something that can be an exclusive and nice little item that won’t cost me a ton of money to produce.

Another idea is for art cards that would also end up with a printed compilation of all the cards  in full color.  Probably shoot for a minimum of 40 so I’d have a 20 page mini book about 8.5 x 5.5 in size.

For International supporters:  A free art card will be added to all, due to the exorbitant shipping costs.


OH!  And this will also involve stripping out all the ads but the tower ad on the front page if met and then all the ads (except the tower) throughout the archives for a stretch goal.  The tower ad is the least intrusive ad.  I HATE the leaderboard and I don’t care much for the box ad either.

There will also be a note that the comic will be updating three days a week in black and white if the goal isn’t achieved and three days in color if it succeeds, and those updates will be done in half and full pages, not thirds like I’m currently doing.  Roughly, it’ll be around $2,500 as the goal to include the charms and updates. I’ll run the numbers once I get input.  If it fails, well.. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and still likely strip out all but the tower ad on the main page.