Just a little note, I’ve been trying to ink a single page of Alien Dice for two days now.  Tornados yesterday were not nearby, but there was a possibility.  TODAY, however, we have the possibility and a strong set of storms coming through between noon and 3 pm, more likely 1 for my area.  So I’ve been on edge all morning and not been making much progress … other than to set up a secure area for the pets and make arrangements to go elsewhere.  It’s so serious (likely also because of yesterday’s OK tornados) that there are schools releasing their students now, because the storms will be hitting when students are getting ready to leave.  Kim’s hasn’t sent out a notice and she’s safer there than in our second floor apartment.  I’m probably going to have to scrap my work today and play catchup, because I don’t want to waste a vacation day on stupid tornado watches. 🙁  I’m just a wreck when they start issuing them.  I’ve been through an F5/F4, before they revised the scale.  Do NOT WANT a REPEAT PERFORMANCE!!!

– Tiff