So… I’ve been unable to get to my sites for almost three days. 😛  The desktop went down on Sunday morning (I think… a lot’s happened since then). 😛  It suddenly stopped working.  It had shown me about 50 errors for the video card. 😀  There was nothing but a cursor.  Hubby spent quite a bit of time trying to recover it without success.. until today.  There was a corrupt boot sector.  I wasn’t all that worried, since I backup automatically via crashplan, but having to reinstall programs on two computers was going to be a headache.

Yesterday, the xbox got the red rings of death. 😛  Apparently the dog broke the usb ports when he ran in front of it and got tangled in the controller cords (this was an issue I’ve pointed out to hubby and Kim, the whole, the floor is NOT WHERE YOU STORE THESE!)  Pulled them out and broke the port.  The controller is fine, but now we only have one wireless controller. 🙁

I was supposed to get my laptop overnighted yesterday.  It did  not show up. 😛

Today I get an email stating that they replaced the heatsink/fan.  We’ll see how that works.  It’ll be here Friday morning and this time, the fedex report is updating and shows it.

Ugh.. this week is a mess.  I couldn’t work at all with computers being down/away and tomorrow is the fourth, so I won’t get a lot done with both Rob and Kim here with me.  Next week, Kim has some art camps though, so I’ll get a little time to get stuff done.  Today I spent the morning penciling like crazy. 😀

– Tiff