2014-07-22 12.41.51I have these two bookmarks I made years ago for Alien Dice.  They sat in a drawer for awhile, until I realized I could paint over them and decorate them for other things.  But, before I recycle all of them, I’m offering them to readers for $10 each, which includes shipping in the US.  I’ll have to check shipping internationally.  They are 5″ x 1.25″ in size with sublimation printed surfaces.  They look the same as in the photos, not incredibly sharp, but defined.  Just paypal me and put in Scritches or Hug Bookmark.  You can get both for $20 and I’ll add a couple other of my cardstock Alien Dice bookmarks!


This offer is good until next Tuesday, July 30th.  The remainder will be recycled.

Number left:

Scritchies: 21

Hug: 10