I delay on these type of things for as long as I can, but I wanted to let y’all know about this now. I had an awesome patron over a year ago pledge to donate $400 a month until July 2015. Unfortunately, things change and he had let me in on life changes every few months. Some were good, then they got bad. Then he got a pay cut, which was the tipping point, so that ended suddenly last month. Stuff happens, I was grateful for the support! I was slowly ramping up Patreon to make up for it by July, now I need to push it more. I need it to hit at least $700 this month. Right now it’s just under $500.

For $1, you get early updates at the beginning of the week. Sunday.

For $3, you get the early updates AND an exclusive story update per week.
I will be releasing Swiftpaw Chapter 1 for purchase as a pdf this week or next for $5.
I will also begin updating Saign Chapter 1 on Patreon next week! If you recall Saign, she was the shrimpy Rishan Master Dice Owner who wanted to capture Lexx for his own good, to treat him well, and who has strong feelings for her charges. This story is fully scripted and has two sections. There will likely be another story later, but this one will reveal half of why she has the attitude she does.
Later on, you will be getting a special side story that won’t be available on the site, but has everything to do with current events.

Supporting right now is very important to us. Updates will still happen regardless. We’re just going to have a really tough time this month and next due to my husband running out of sick days prior to our daughter’s surgery.

– Tiff