I’m to the point of having to deal with this navigation issue at every update and it’s not consistently breaking in the same way. I’m to the point of wanting to just hit delete and go do something else at this point, it’s that much of a headache and the work around is annoying. I’m going to be looking at other options, but one is simply to complete uploading to tapastic and THEN hit delete on the old archive when it’s all done.

If you haven’t been paying attention, Legacy is a separate story. If you navigate while on that page, it will only take you through that archive, because that is how it’s supposed to work. Only by clicking on the thumbnail for the last update of AD will you see that current comic unless it is on its update.. considering there’s only two whole days Legacy is on the front page (FRONT PAGE, not mixed into the archive) it’s not that big of a deal. I’ve been told actual landing pages are in the works, however, I would not have moved the sites had I known there weren’t any.

– Tiff