It’s 5pm here and we have had company since Friday. 🙂 My in-laws are here and have been helping us do a bunch of things to our house that we can’t do, because being new homeowners, we don’t have any tools beyond a hammer, measuring tape, stud finder, and a socket set. 😀 We’ve been busy from morning to evening yesterday and today painting our daughter’s room, installing curtain rods,… trying to destroy a wild trumpet vine on one of our fences so we can eventually replace the chain link with wood, digging up errant saplings, fixing our ceiling fans and various other things that were missing/messed up around the house. No towel bar in our bathroom, something you miss almost immediately when your shower curtain rod is old and keeps falling down when you put a towel on it! 0.o

So, after all that, you can guess that I am probably NOT working on comics. :/ Alien Dice is going to be delayed until Wednesday, but you’ll get a FULL page on Wednesday!!

– Tiffany Ross