I realized I didn’t post this on my sites, because I’m still a little scattered, but getting better. This week is Thanksgiving here in the states. Thanksgiving means my family is around and it’s difficult for me to concentrate on work. Alien Dice updates have been completed and I will be adding the text SOON.

Good news: I have a vehicle, hurray! There is no bad news. I don’t even have to pay on it until May, by which time, we won’t be obligated to continue paying for our apartment. That takes a humongous bite out of our budget until March, or if it’s rented out before then. Hoping it goes soon.. we kinda need that money for groceries and gas and… savings and buying things for the house, because we’ve never had a house and need maintenance things.

That being said, between now and March we’re very tight in funds and every dollar is extremely valuable. Today, a dollar means I can go buy three cans of del monte veggies while they’re on sale today and tomorrow. 😀 (They’re normally a dollar fifty a CAN.) Since we’ve made our first double payment this month, I don’t have many of those dollars. Even a dollar gets you all the comics early via Patreon. You can also use the paypal button and I will have another alternative to Patreon SOON. The wonderful people at Tigerdile are putting together their own support system, which does a lot of things that Patreon has kind of failed me on. One of those is… FOLDERS for easy browsing of past rewards. I am so looking forward to being able to organize things!

I am also going to be putting together a Kickstarter for Alien Dice, for Volume 1 done professionally, IN COLOR, or via Createspace. which will still get you a color book, just with fewer pages and options and cost me more. I’m going to try to keep the price the same for either option with the professional version being a stretch goal. I’m also thinking of doing a special PDF version that will be different from the books, keeping the text with its actual update. I can do that with a pdf, but a book… it would stretch the page count far too much and require a ton more work to fill in blank spaces.

I may run a different book in color, one of my children’s books, to see how this works first. I don’t know if I want my first color book (where I am likely to make mistakes) done with AD or a smaller one.

Thank you for reading and have a good Thanksgiving, hopefully with family and friends. 🙂