I apologize if I miss updates next week.

Wednesday evening, hubby noticed there was water coming from our upraised garden and onto our front walk.  Thought maybe it was coming from our AC and the ground was saturated from recent rains.

Thursday morning, I let Vash out the back door and notice a stream of water flowing by it. 🙁  The water is coming from the front of the house, but not UNDER the house.  It’s not UNDER our house at all.  Step out the front door and there’s water streaming from our upraised garden.  Since my husband is on his way to work, I then spend most of the day panicking about turning the water off.  One of my neighbors is a plumber, but can’t reach him.  Can’t find a turn off valve.  There isn’t one in my house, probably because I have a tiny house and it’s really old. 😀

I know where the cut off valve is outside with the meter.  I can not SEE the turn off.  Just the meter.  I finally get the top off of the box and have to dig out a whole bunch of dirt to see the valve, then fully uncover it. 🙁  I can’t get it to turn with pliers, so I run out to get a curb key.  We need one anyway.  Get home, try to get it to turn and only get it to turn to the right an inch.  That’s about the point that I start panicking as water is pouring from the front of my house. 🙁  An hour later, I get my neighbor out and he tries to close it.  He can’t close it, so he calls the city to do it.  (I didn’t know if I needed to do that or not. Or if I could.)  City comes out.  He can’t turn it off, so he calls another guy.  That guy comes out and they make an astounding discovery.

The turn off lever is BACKWARDS.

They go to lunch and I come out hours later to two more city workers up to their armpits in water replacing the turnoff under the water. 😀  Well, that’s fascinating.  WATER IS FINALLY OFF!!!  Wait until hubby goes home and with direction from our neighbor, we start digging in front of our house in the upraised bed.  I wasn’t watching what I was doing, because I have severe problems with 1. hyperfocus and 2. never wanting to appear lazy.  I got heat exhaustion.  It was 98 out with a heat index of 102.  I was ok after a bit, but wow, that was NOT FUN!

Today, dug around a bit in the morning, because I am stubborn.  Spent the day getting work done while being distracted.  Hubby got home and we went at it again and about three feet down, uncovered the leak!  It’s not a split in the pipe!  It’s in the connector.  So now we get to go out and dig the hole even bigger so the plumber can get in to replace it.  As far as I can tell, this will be a lot less of an expensive problem as it could have been, since there was the possibility of needing to rent a jack hammer to get rid of the concrete a previous homeowner had put OVER THE WATER LINE….  At least a FOOT THICK of concrete, two feet across. 🙁 🙁

We will be digging tonight and tomorrow morning so we can get this fixed this weekend, hopefully it won’t be too painful, but probably wipes out our tree removal money. 🙁  OH and yes… next week’s AD update may be gone.  Thankfully, the workflow I set up recently only makes one comic at a time suffer while the others still update.  Unfortunately, AD isn’t buffered at all, because I need to go to a simpler coloring style and keep resisting it.

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