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That being said, our recent water line break is going to hurt us for the next couple of months, especially once we get the water bill.  We are still $250 short a month of the needed goal to cover everything.  ($200 of that goes to Kim’s medical bills.  I’d love to pay them off, but I don’t have $5,000 on hand.)

Swaggerdile and Patreon are great ways to support!  As little as a dollar a month goes a long way when added to others’ contributions.  If every reader gave a dollar, I’d be making twice as much as my husband earns. 😀  That’s ONE dollar.  That one dollar gets you access to comics early and a few other things.  Random Ramblings updates are in the works for both AD and Cyantia (Cyantia has Quinn running right now.)

There’s also the paypal button for a one time donation or (I really do want to pay Kim’s bills… Kim’s Empty WePay Account. I don’t do a good job of promoting it.)

$3 gives you access to exclusive content like the Swiftpaw story that will be wrapping up in the next couple of months and either Vincent and/or Vincent and Filaire.  They switch from one to the other until I’m done with Vincent.  Then it’s going to be Vincent and Filaire every week.

Best of all, support keeps ME healthy and fed, because I do not have health insurance, and require a diet high in fresh foods.  Right now, I’m looking at eating canned green beans and tuna for the next week once I run out of the Menudo in my crockpot right now. 😀  (It’s just tripe, because I can’t eat hominy. 🙁  However, still tasty.)

The recent pipe problem has been fixed, at the cost of draining our savings account plus some.  (We replaced tires on our car the weekend before it happened plus the electric bill 3xs normal due to summer heat.  Talk about AWFUL timing.)  We hate to imagine how much it would have cost had we not done most of the digging ourselves!

  • Tiff, trying hard to get books done, without doing a rush job.