This week is my birthday, my 20th wedding anniversary, and Spring Break, which means it’s a busy week, but I’m not taking it off like I originally planned.  Well, I am, but I’m still working, mostly inking.  I want to say thank you for the support for these past 21 years! 😀  Yes, this is the 21st year for The Cyantian Chronicles, which began in August of 1998.  Now, for my birthday, all I want is comments when I post things.  Not on every one, but let me know you like it. 😀

For the other, I’m still running a deficit of $200 a month just to get us through the last 10 days of every pay period for gas and groceries.  I’ve managed for us to get by, but it’s hurting my health and is why I keep getting sick.  During the last week, I have to resort to eating things that are not good for me.  I’m diabetic and I do not have insurance and have not had insurance for 4 years, which also means I have not had medication to control it for 4 years (the dogs help).  Can’t do anything about it other than eat right, which does control it.  I just need a $1-$3 pledge a month and 200 of those adds up!  Then I can work on the other $200 I’m short to get my equipment updated.  I can work on my 6+ year old Yiynova tablet monitor, but it’s glitchy.  In a couple of years, I’m going to need to upgrade my desktop, probably build a new one from scratch.  We’re still paying multiple high dollar medical bills for my daughter on top of this.

I have two options for support!  Ko-Fi (Preferred!) – They’re going to be upgrading this one soon!  and Patreon (Not Preferred) – I really don’t like Patreon anymore. 🙁  I do have a mailing address as well as the wish lists, but I really need to buy groceries and gas right now, as in, right now. 😀  Also, I honestly wouldn’t mind getting to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 with my family and Lego Movie.  Both are only $15.  We get cheap tickets here!

Oh I am plotting out a couple of other things if my health cooperates, which it has been, but I won’t say what those things are, since one involves me having to ask someone else for help and I don’t like bothering people.

That’s my birthday wish.  I’m not getting any presents or a cake.  Just being able to get stuff done is what I want and not having to worry about how to stretch the last week out.

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