Guess some didn’t see the message about the site going down for a few days and Covid did a number on me (and our finances) for the last few weeks. We are all completely recovered and only had mild cases as in, it was annoying. Very low fever that wasn’t a fever, general malaise, and just not able to do much.

Got the DNS renewed today… I am inking Alien Dice for next week’s update and will get it done!

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9 thoughts on “Blergh

  1. Glad to hear that Kim is okay. Was concerned given her heart issues when I saw you mention that you had it the other day. Also glad to hear that you guys are doing better!

  2. Glad to hear you’re doing better.

  3. Just keep an eye out. One of the trouble with this disease is it can cause severe issues afterwards even with mild cases.

    1. Trying to remain healthy. 😀 Really, I am.

  4. Ditto what Kunkmiester said.

    1. Thirding what Kunkmiester said!

  5. Thirding what Kunkmiester said!

  6. My RSS feed said “site unavailable” and I was a bit worried. This is the first I’ve heard that y’all were ill. Many well wishes!

  7. you gotta take care of yourself, getting sick these days isn’t a joke any more.

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