They had to be close behind him. In the air above? Their dice were further back on the beach, but they could be anywhere. Lexx gulped down a mouth of fresh air, listening. There wasn’t a sound and for an island that was full of life, both plant and animal, that was disturbing. Something was near and his broken wing wasn’t doing him any favors. Lexx swung himself against the tree, digging his hands into the bark. He braced himself a moment, preparing for the pain. Nanites swarmed in his blood near the break in his wing, already hard at work mending it. But it needed to be set immediately and there was only one way to do that. Lexx inhaled deeply, leaning his forehead against the rough bark. He snapped his left wing out hard, straightening it out. The wing quivered as he held it still. Nanites rushed in to men the broken bone and muscle. Time to stop holding back. Lexx glared around the tree. A breeze rustled the foliage, revealing a flash of orange and yellow. He had given his opponents the slip, but they were nearby and would happen upon him soon. But he saw them before they saw him. Lexx crouched behind the tree, buying more time for his wing to heal straight. The nanites worked fast, but still needed time.

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I finished this week’s update, but likely won’t have one for next week due to the holidays.

I just finished updating the file names for a four-month gap that was broken. I’m sure there are more gaps. If you run into one, PLEASE comment on it so I can locate it and fix it! – Tiff