First comic of the new year! Now let’s see if I can keep this going! – Tiff

“Go!” The memory continued with the instructor turning to him and ordering him onto the training floor. Lexx had jumped at the command, astonished that Tairin had gone through the students ahead of him so fast. Murmuring rose behind him, coming from the rest of his class awaiting their turn.
There was nothing he could do but walk out there and meet her. Tairin dropped her hands to her hips, regarding him with the same cold confidence she looked at him with now. She would take him out as quickly as any other, and at the time, he doubted he would walk away.
Tairin bowed, saying nothing, offering him the first move, but it was a trap. Lexx bowed back to start the battle, ignoring the sounds coming from the rows of observers in the training room. Could he take her down? She had gone through two dozen students in a short amount of time and hadn’t broken a sweat.
Lexx slid a foot forward, making his move and Tairin reacted, preparing to punch him like she had most of the students who had come before him. But that wasn’t where he intended to be. Lexx was fast, faster than most of the other students, and he pushed off from his position, sliding in the opposite direction. Tairin jabbed at him with her left, but he was already out of range, looping around her to grab her right arm. She never saw where he went as he did a favor for the rest of the students waiting their turn. He slammed the flat of his hand against her shoulder, and there was a crack, followed by a shriek as she went down.
Oh. Tairin. Lexx rolled his eyes. This was personal. She wasn’t here to throw him a match. Tairin was here for revenge.