OH! AAAACK!  It’s also the 20th anniversary day!

Okay, so I’ve had a rough, overly busy few weeks that keeps crowding out my work. :/ Lots of doctor visits for my daughter…. :/ Ugh.. nothing serious, just far too many of them, and they take FOREVER.

I have the next comics flatted and ready to shade, but wasn’t going to get them done because it’s vacation week and thus… family is home. When they are home.. I have ISSUES getting anything done.

So I did this! I’m 32 days into a 90 day course in drawing the male figure and it’s so amazingly GOOD. (Jason Brubaker’s Cognitive Figure Drawing.) He has a beta pdf available to help introduce people to it. *Link here*  I’m spreading it, because it’s just so good. I do have the Kickstarter book, which is available here: Cognitive Drawing –I can’t wait for the other books!

In other news, Clip Studio brought out a webtoons template which makes it so easy to make them and I’ve deleted my original Alien Dice webtoons upload and changed it out for a webtoons version from the start. It actually works pretty well. Webtoons Link 

Heh.. my email is full of people/stores trying to get me to spend money on them, but I’ll just send you elsewhere. 😀 I don’t feel like it. Have a good day and enjoy the art!  I’m so pleased with how it came out! – Tiff, yes, I am back into art… it’s just real life isn’t cooperating, and it’s frustrating me by stealing my time. 🙁