Vic looked into his daughter’s eyes, searching for any sign of abnormality. She looked exactly the same as any other time he had looked at her. Nothing had changed.

“What do you do?” Chel’s question sent shockwaves through Vic. “I’m not telling you anything else until you tell me. I don’t want my friends in danger.”

“Chelsea,” Vic coughed uncertainly. Ask any other question. Anything. He would have an answer and no problems with it, but this one was more serious than Chel could haven known. “You were never interested-”

“It’s not something we can discuss freely,” Mel’s calm demeanor had noticibly changed to one of slight alarm.

“I’m your daughter.” Chel pressed.

“This is not family business.” Vic stared at Kip. It looked like Riley.

“My friends are family ‘business’; they are my friends.” Chel asserted herself. This discussion wasn’t really a problem. Normally she could bring anything to her parents. This was just a unique situation. It was going to happen. She just wished it hadn’t happened in this way. She didn’t appreciate her parents spying on her, but on the other hand, she had been keeping a dangerous secret. It wasn’t worth it to be angry over that part. She just wanted to know what they were involved in. Was that too much to ask?