Day 10, Late Afternoon.

Chel leaned backward against the couch, busily writing in a red notebook. She’d brought it with her the last time she was home, wanting to record as much of what she was going through and seeing as possible. She hadn’t really had a lot of time to write anything until now. And now, she was spilling out her thoughts in black ink on the pale blue lined paper.

‘I think today is the tenth day I’ve been here and it’s almost over,’ Chel had been writing for hours now. Everything. And now, she was to today. She glanced up at Lexx. He was reclining on the couch. Chel had moved to the floor so he’d be comfortable. The wings made it hard for him to sit comfortably any other way. He was quietly reading one of his bookplates, an absorbed expression set onto his face.

‘Lexx is more depressed than usual. He’s been very quiet. I think he’s very self conscious about how he looks.’ That was obvious. She’d seen him standing in front of the mirror inside the door of the closet. He’d stand there for a good hour, messing with his hair. It was so strange to see him doing that.

Chel didn’t understand.

To Chel, an average human, he was a slave. There was no getting around it. Yet, he didn’t act like one. He took meticulous care of himself and his clothes.

She’d watched him going through his clothes earlier. They were on hanger like devices that slotted into the top of the closet. There had to have been at least 30 outfits squeezed into the closet and more were folded into the drawers.

Lexx liked his clothes. He’d started slowly, going through each outfit. Obviously, he was looking for a shirt he could wear over his wings. Chel had left the room after a few minutes, having retrieved her notebook. She figured he’d probably had the wings before, and felt awkward being in the room while he was getting dressed.

After a few minutes, Chel could hear the sound of hangers clanking hard, followed by Lexx growling something in another language and a door being slid shut hard. Lexx stormed out scowling, his bookplate under one arm. He didn’t say anything, settling on the couch. He hadn’t moved since then. ‘It’s odd,.. But I also get the feeling that he’s worried what I think.’

Chel continued writing. ‘I don’t know why. I wish I could help him feel better, but in his mood I’m not sure what to do. He overreacts,.. a lot. I think Zeta was right. Lexx likes me.’ Chel hesitated, then jotted down a few more words. ‘And you know what. I like him too. Lexx is a very interesting and complex person. I kind of enjoy the challenge of getting to know him.’

Chel chewed on the end of her pen in thought, her thoughts set on Lexx. Her face contorted slightly in frustration. There was just something that struck her every time she looked at him. Something in the way he looked at her.

He was different from when she’d first met him. He was more open in a way she couldn’t fathom. She was also finding herself incredibly attracted to just looking at him. It didn’t matter that he had a number of rough looking scars over his body.

He was human, just with a very different color to his skin. While Chel never really paid attention to the color of anyone’s skin, she’d always found herself more attracted to guys who were white or lightly tanned. Lexx was dark, with dark hair and bright eyes. It lent to a mysterious darkness and a peculiar softness. The wings were a fierce addition, tipped in talons and leathered.

But she still found Lexx to not being very threatening.

Her mind wandered to past boyfriends, just considering. The last one. Her first year of college. He’d been a cute guy with dark brown hair and he still hung around, but he’d picked up a bad habit of binge drinking at the college and Chel had no use for that kind of lifestyle. She was serious about her education and couldn’t understand why anyone would spend all that money to go to school and then throw it away.

Lexx? For the briefest moment, it was allowed. He’s simply gorgeous in an exotic way. She had never met anyone like him. No man could compare to him.

Even with the drawbacks of his temper and other small things, he had one thing going for him that impressed Chel.

He was focused. It didn’t matter what happened to him. He wouldn’t quit.

Chel idly wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. That hurt. She swallowed and wasn’t aware that Lexx had turned his attention to her. He had laid the bookplate down and was watching her.

It wasn’t fair. Chel lowered her head and scribbled the rest of an entry. ‘I just have to remind myself it won’t last forever, don’t even let my thoughts wander to unrealistic possibilities.’ Lexx would leave and go off to his island, just like he’d said. What use did he have of her once he finished this game? He hated people.

‘Anyway, the wing that Lexx lost is really growing back. I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s so, amazing.’ Lexx lifted the plate again, pretending to be reading. He had picked up that something had suddenly upset Chel, but that’s it. He wasn’t going to pry, no matter how curious he felt.

“Hmmm,” Lexx attempted to be casual. “Are you bored, Chel? You’ve been writing in that book all afternoon.”

“This is the first time I’ve really been able to sit down and write a few things,” Chel forced a smile, blinking quickly to clear her eyes of a slight mist. “I’m not bored.”

“What are you writing about?” Lexx asked politely.