Far above the ground, Lexx and Acadiu had stopped speaking over the relay.  Now, they were facing each other in silence, waiting.  Acadiu frowned, looking away from Lexx.  The intense look in Lexx’s eyes made it almost impossible to look at him,…

“I suppose we should begin fighting,….”  Acadiu jerked backwards, lifting his arms backward and calling up his first act, “Solar Shot!!”

Lexx hesitated.  There was a blinding flash of light that enveloped Acadiu.  Then, Lexx remembered that he was in the start of a battle.  He lifted his left arm to block, right hand clenched as the familiar static sensation rippled down his arm.  ‘Ung,… this is going to be brutal,…’  Small pinpoints of light flew in Lexx’s direction.  They struck all over the left side of Lexx’s body, piercing his wings and skin shallowly.

“Ball lightning!!”  Lexx was quick to counter the rest of the onslaught with a blast that absorbed them and sent an electric green arc of energy at Acadiu.