“So’m smaller’n last time…” The tiny armadillo hissed, crouching down and shifting his eyes back and forth on Zeta and Stealth as they approached. “Don’t mean nutin’ gainst you two!” His tail twitched back and forth in a slow methodic arc, sizing up his challengers. “Remember? I ain’t being taken easily!” He scuttled to one side, then the other, ready to move in any direction.

Stealth hissed, a chuckle rising from her throat, “Yeah, yeah.. you’re just a mouse with a shell!” She leapt forward, intending to pin Dig to the ground. The sunburned armadillo tilted to one side, jumping forward as she did so that her claws scraped over his armored back easily avoiding anything vital. The cat was very surprised. “Mreow?!” She squalled, unable to recover her balance in time and flipping over with a loud WHUF onto the ground. “Claws slipped right off!!” Stealth inhaled deeply. “ZETA!!”

“Zeta get!” The crimson dinosaur snorted, a puff of smoke emitting from his nostrils. He meant business. “Shell not pretec from Zeta fire!” He bounded forward, head low to the ground and spat a tongue of flame at Dig. The armadillo had just turned to run away from Stealth and was forced to turn again, the cat pouncing low from one side as the flames licked over the other side.

“Owowowo! Hot! HOT!” Dig scrambled forward.

“I bet if I knock you over, you won’t be so hard to handle!” Stealth jumped low, her paws out in front of her in an effort to knock Dig over onto his side, where he’d logically be vulnerable.