Lexx danced agilely away from Chel, holding up one hand to fend off Chel while he flipped the book open in his free hand. It fluttered past a few scribbled notes on the first pages of class notes and directly to the first page Chel had written on.

“This summer started out like any other. My parents got me a kitten. She has white socks-” Lexx read aloud, delighted that Chel was so upset with him for something so silly. It was just a book.

“Lexx!! No!!” Chel yelled, trying desperately to grab the book back. “Stop it!!” She latched onto Lexx’s arm, trying to get past him, but he was much stronger than she was. “Give that back to me! It’s mine!! How would you like it if someone knew all your private thoughts!!”

“…” Lexx froze, tensing up suddenly. The words resounded in his head. ‘How would you like it?’ What did SHE know?! She was just a human. She came from a world that couldn’t even imagine the technology he had at hand, nor what was in his head; in her head.