While Dig’s shape made it hard for Stealth to get a good hold on him, he fit neatly into Zeta’s mouth, wedged in between his teeth much like a dog would grab a ball. Noting the sudden lack of acceleration and brief moment of weightlessness, Dig immediately unrolled, “Quiiiip,.. not rolling anymore?!” Zeta proudly held on, finding he had the smaller dice in a completely vulnerable position. Dig squirmed. He didn’t think it was fair at all for Zeta to pick him up before he was done. It wasn’t fair! How could he fight back like this? “Argh!! Infidel! Let me go!!

This isn’t fair, you’re cheating! Drop me!”

“Shu-up, or eta ite own!” Zeta didn’t see things the same was as Dig. He’d caught him, he wasn’t going anywhere and he’d won, even if Dig could probably keep them going in circles for another hour on the ground. The little dragon promptly ran toward Lexx, bouncing and wagging his tail happily.