“Very good, Zeta,.. Stealth. I’m very proud of you two. Thank you.” Lexx knelt and Chel noted that he was smiling appreciatively at Zeta as he patted him on the head and took hold of Dig. “There’ll be treats on the ship later for both of you.”

Dig dangled despondently from Lexx’s hands, accepting the inevitable. “Drat.”

Chel hadn’t said anything during the chase, merely watching and praying that none of them got hurt. She didn’t want to see them get hurt at all. Now, she moved next to Lexx to see what he was doing with Dig, then noticed that both Zeta and Stealth were glowing and changing before her eyes. Zeta gained a foot on his previous size and seemed to lose some of his bulk in favor of a more streamlined appearance, his muzzle narrowing a little and the feathers on top of his head lengthening. One of them tilted forward and went the opposite direction of the others. A few more were added to it along the back of his neck.

Stealth’s changes were even more drastic. Her jet black fur ruffled, a third tail appearing as the original two lengthened a few inches. The cream color of her face spread over her orange chest, the color fading and blending into the same color and fur lengthening for a fluffier appearance. The red spot on her nose extended up and passed between her ears, which enlarged and rounded. The cat’s entire form seemed to mature, loosing the awkward look of a juvenile kitten and turning into the more sturdy and agile look of a wild cat.

Chel looked back at Lexx just as she noted him piercing Dig’s ear with a tiny red ring of wire. The dice flinched and snorted; looking irritated, but not really hurt. Chel didn’t remember seeing Lexx do that to Fly or Stealth and opened her mouth to say something, only to be interrupted as Lexx turned to her.
“See, not hurt at all, just had to clip his ear with a ring.”

“Not as noticeable as yours,…” Chel made the connection that it probably had something to do with the game and added, “Why do you do that?”

“Keeps track of their vital signs. You can’t see Stealth and Zeta’s unless you look closely,.. and yes, the ring in my ear is similar for the ADC to keep track of me. I can’t remove it.” Lexx explained without thinking about the fact that he had purposely hid the fact that he’d put one on Stealth while Chel wasn’t looking.

“I didn’t see you put one on Stealth.” Chel frowned.

“Well…” Lexx averted his eyes, only to note a flash of purple among the nearby trees and a clapping sound, followed by an all to familiar voice.

“Nice catch, Lexx!”