“Good afternoon, Chelsea Reid. Voice identification in progress.” Kipa beamed up at Chel.

“Uhm,.. Chel is what I prefer going by.” She felt strange talking to it. It was kind of creepy with the eyes, but at the same time, completely non-threatening.

“Ok, Chel!” Kipa immediately acknowledged the change. Chel stared at it, mouth open slightly in amazement. She had, in her hands, the most amazing computer she’d ever seen. And THIS was what Lexx used to keep notes in?! “Would you like me male, female or neither?” Kipa interrupted her thoughts.

“Male.” Chel hesitated a moment. She didn’t want to keep the same thing that Lexx had. And neither could be anything. So she went for the last option.

Kipa’s form disintegrated, morphing into a slouchy looking male. Chel blinked at it. It reminded her a lot of Riley, with shorter hair. It grinned up at her, tiny fangs showing as though intensifying the already mischievous look it had.

“Very well! I am Kipiro, your personal assistant.” The voice had changed as well. No longer was a cheerful sounding girl. It fit Kipiro, but seemed unnatural coming from such a small thing, especially since a moment earlier it had been female.