With Lexx’s assistance, Chel found the plate very easy to use. It was remarkably like using a normal computer. There were a lot of icons that were pretty much self-explanatory. She could write directly onto the screen or have Kipiro listen and input it himself. Lexx shifted to sit closer to Chel and point out a few other features she might be interested in, such as locking it so she was the only one who could access it.

Kipiro was very chatty the entire time and amazingly charming. When Chel grinned, he’d make a random comment about how pretty her smile was. Then she giggled and he’d laughed with her. How about that, a built in ego booster.

“Kip, that’s going to get annoying very fast, better cut down on it.” Lexx poked the peripheral lightly, getting his attention.

“Nyah!” It responded by tottering a few steps backward and then baring his fangs indolently.

Chel smiled. ‘Lexx can be so,… rude,.. then he does something nice. I can’t believe he’s giving this to me! It’s so,… Nifty!!” She could barely contain her excitement. It was like getting a gift that you didn’t even ask for because it was just too expensive and you knew your parents and friends couldn’t afford it.

“The stylus slides into that slot, and besides talking to Kipiro, you can have him read your already written notes and put them in the plate. Kipiro is a solid hologram, he can move the pages himself and do some small tasks. Their personalities are random, so you’ll have to get to know him and how he works.” Lexx rested his right hand behind Chel, so that his arm was touching hers. He’d done it deliberately, just to feel that little bit of contact.

“They have decent artificial intelligence and problem solving ability; this series has a few quirks. If you don’t want him or make the orders clear, he’ll make messes and then get frustrated. He might also be temperamental.” Lexx continued talking, the entire time attempting to look like he wasn’t intending to touch Chel. ‘This is nice,…’ Lexx sighed to himself. This was as good as he was going to get without feeling awkward or upsetting Chel,… unless he figured out some other way.