Lexx sighed.

He could hear the fox screeching at the top of his lungs before he saw him. Then, he saw a streak of blue flash across the quickly darkening savannah. Swiftpaw was gone from sight in less time.

“This is going to take awhile.” Lexx scowled, searching the shadows for Rook. He had sent her off in another direction hoping she’d have better lick than the fox. Lexx had forgotten just how bad Swiftpaw was in the dark. Early morning, daytime and early evening were Swiftpaw’s times. He was afraid of the night. Lexx was sure that Stealth had something to do with Swift’s fear of the dark.

Meanwhile, on a ship on the other side of the moon, Trasik stood on her favorite deck with her favorite dice on her shoulders… and her two favorite brothers standing before her. These were her birth mates. Two young Littan men who would do anything for her sister.

“Dom! Tai!!” Trasik greeted them fondly by their childhood names, shortened forms of Domic and Tairil. “It’s good to see you!”