Claudia sidled her way between Lexx and Chel, “Lexx, Dear! I really want to show you my NEW ship!” She tilted her chin down and gave Chel a haughty look out of the corner of her eye, “You’re welcome to bring your little friend along as well, if you want! I won’t take no for an answer!”

Chel pouted, biting her lower lip to avoid saying something about being called ‘little friend’. How much more condescending could this alien woman be? And why wasn’t Lexx yelling at her or letting her know a bit more loudly how much she was getting on his nerves. He’d had no problem doing that to her.

“I don’t have time.” Lexx averted his eyes.

“If you do,…” Claudia moved uncomfortably close to Lexx, her voice lowering to a level that would probably drive an interested man wild, “I won’t bother you about it again until you’re game’s over?”

Lexx considered for a moment. Go to the ship where he risked getting pulled into a corner and smothered with affection he didn’t want,… or put up with Claudia following him around every time he came down to the planet to catch a dice. He wouldn’t be able to go to his island without her showing up either. She probably had a tracking system set up to notify her wherever he went and whenever he left the ship. Chel would be there with him and he was sure that Claudia wouldn’t try anything while the human girl was present. ‘Better than her tracking me down everyday like she did last time.’ Lexx finally decided, repeating the statement over in his mind to settle it.