Claudia’s ship was breathtaking. While Lexx’s ship had been amazing in itself to Chel, it was like comparing apples to oranges. The ship was huge and Claudia’s tastes in decoration were obviously all about extravagance. They were ushered through wide halls with moving portraits and strange pieces of artwork from very alien worlds. Drapes were hung over doorways and there were not any sliding doors. Everything was open.

Chel fingered the dice in her pocket, Dig’s dice. He had not been happy about going with Claudia, so Lexx decided he’d be better traveling in that form and gave him to Chel to hold. It was odd, these little dice forms. Chel noted that they were warm and had an odd texture to them and felt a little weird about carrying him like this. Fly was on her shoulder, perched there and looking about with interest. His short round ears twitched and he made odd chittering sounds. Stealth and Zeta followed at their heels with Claudia’s dice, whom she referred to as Illo.

The group stepped out onto the main deck, Claudia striding in front of them with her arms out, the mass of purple curls bobbing up and down with a life of its own. “Isn’t it simply stunning?” She turned back to them, motioning to the wall of glass so clear that nothing appeared to be there. All around them, instead of walls, there was space, stretching as far as the eye could see.

“Dig isn’t cramped in here,… is he?” Chel didn’t even notice at first. Her attention was fixated on Dig’s situation.

“Silly girl!” Claudia giggled. “The dice go into a form of stasis in that form. They don’t feel a thing until you throw them. The only thing he has to worry about is if he’s kept in there too long. There’s a time limit. If they spend too much time in that form, they will gradually start to atrophy. It encourages dice players to be sure to use all of their dice and to even out the playing field should they be in the tournament classes. There are many different facets to the game.”

Lexx strode to the closest ‘wall’, looking through it just to feign disinterest in the conversation and hope that he would be ignored. He was here. He didn’t want to be here. At some point, maybe he could get the point across to Claudia that he was not interested in her and would never be.

What do you think?” Claudia called out cheerily, moving to Lexx’s side, blowing off Chel just as the human girl was opening her mouth to ask another question. Chel scowled behind Claudia’s back. Fly chirred and nuzzled her cheek in that way that even non-sentient animals do when they’re aware their human’s upset.

“It’s ,.. big.” Lexx continued staring out the window, fidgeting underneath his cloak with straightening his shirt.

“Mmmhmm..” Claudia purred, leaning against Lexx. “With plenty of room for two.”

“Claudia,…” Lexx noticeably shuddered, every hair along the back of his neck rising.

“Oh! Don’t say anything yet! I’ll be back in a moment, just need to slip into something more… comfortable!” Claudia spun on her heels and darted down the deck to a row of curtains. Lexx turned in time to see her go behind the curtain and breathed an audible sigh of relief. He raised one hand to brush his forehead, noting that he was sweating even though the ship was perfectly climate controlled.