Stealth rubbed up against Lexx’s leg, “If I didn’t like her tastes in décor, that woman would annoy me.”

“She annoys me no matter what.” Lexx grumbled.

Claudia’s dice, whom had remained behind finally broke her silence, “She means well, Lexx, you know that. Just give it a few more weeks and the mistress will find a new passion.”

“That time can’t come soon enough for me.” Lexx folded his arms and tilted his head in Chel’s direction, noting the disgusted look on her face. “I am sorry about all this, Chel.”

“Oh! That’s ok. This place is amazing!” Chel immediately lightened, being taken out of her own thoughts of just how much she disliked Claudia. She was grating on her nerves like no human had, and Chel couldn’t quite pinpoint why. Maybe it was simply how bold the alien woman was.

“You like it?” She’d returned. Claudia twirled once to show off her new outfit, a crimson and black dress with a pale wrap. It fit her figure perfectly, outlining every curve in the most emphatic way possible. For an alien, she had a very human body. Chel blinked. She wasn’t one to stare, but Claudia had not only changed her outfit, but her skin color as well. Instead of the nicely tanned brown, it was now a much paler shade.

Fly leaned near Chel’s ear and whispered, “Claudia’s race can change their skin color and even their hair color if they want, neat ability, isn’t it?” Chel nodded slowly.