“I was fortunate. Four.” Illo stated, “My mistress hasn’t had the time to go down to actually play, so I’m also the only one here.”

“I wish I was the only one.” Stealth muttered.

“I’m rather lonely.” Illo glanced at the window wall. “This is a huge ship and Claudia is very busy a good deal of the time.”

Stealth finished her cleaning and stood up to stretch, “I doubt you’ll be lonely for long… with three gamers on the same world… This probably won’t be good.”

“Three?” Illo swiveled her ears forward curiously.

“Damian!” Zeta said between bites on his bone.

“Damian Cera Taosh Yurikosa.” Stealth added.

“Oh!” Illo recognized the name. “Claudia has always wanted to meet him. He’s one of her favorite players. She has posters of him all over the gaming room,… almost as many as she has of Lexx.”

“Zeta think maybe that be good idea. Then they both leave Lexx alone!” Zeta stopped trying to bite through the bone for long enough to comment.

“We can only dream, Zeta!” Stealth purred, thinking that would almost be a good idea.