The three went quiet as they heard the sounds of chairs being scooted around and dishes clinking from cleanup. Claudia, Lexx and Chel stepped into the room. Lexx looked like a chained animal, withdrawn and slouching as he shuffled in.

“Illo, would you mind giving Chel a tour of the ship?” Claudia inquired of her dice.

“No, Mistress.” Illo sat up and looked at Chel with a smile, “I don’t mind,… Chel?”

“No! Don’t leave me alone with her, Chel!” Lexx whispered to Chel, looking at Claudia reproachfully from the corner of his eye. He hoped he could persuade her to stay there so they could leave soon.

Chel had other ideas. “I’d love to look around. Shouldn’t take too long.”

“It’s a big ship!” Lexx whispered a little louder.

“Yes, and there is much to see.” Claudia grinned, overhearing the whisper. “So you should go,.. now!”

“I can’t turn down getting to see it!” Despite herself, Chel decided on going to look around. Lexx was giving her a pleading look not to go, but she ignored it, feeling that he deserved whatever he got into at this point. “Later!” She turned and walked after Illo. Stealth and Zeta got up to follow her, not wanting to be anywhere near Lexx and Claudia with Chel not there.