Lexx really wished that Chel hadn’t left. The moment she and the dice were out of sight, Claudia turned to him, smiling in such a way that Lexx almost considered running after them. The only thing keeping him from running was the fact that Claudia would not leave him alone no matter what he did and she was embarrassing him in front of Chel.

“Well, my dear Lexx, we’re all alone. Finally.” Claudia’s voice lowered into a seductive tone that made every hair on the back of Lexx’s neck rise.

“Yeah,.. uhm,.. Claudia, I don’t -”

Claudia was quick to cut Lexx off, “My chambers are right through there!” She motioned up a small flight of stairs that led into a small glassed in hallway. “We can go there instead of talking here. Much more private.”

Privacy with Claudia was the last thing Lexx wanted. He could feel all of his joints locking up with tension and a slight pain starting to ebb in his forehead. “I like it just fine talking out here, Claudia.”