“I insist, Lexx. You can take off your cloak.” Claudia hovered around Lexx, uncomfortably close, sliding one arm around his neck. He stood completely still, frozen in place. “I’m sure it’s starting to get too warm.” That was stating the obvious.

“I like wearing it, Claudia.” Lexx fidgeted and tried to squirm out of Claudia’s grasp as she unfastened the cloak. She had a strong grasp.

“I also have a bottle of aged Sri Nodian wine I’ve been saving for just such an occasion.” Claudia giggled playfully, “You really need to loosen up,… and I can help.”

“I do not need to be loosened up, thank you!” Lexx continued to squirm, but he wasn’t getting anywhere. He hoped that Chel would return soon.